Early Moby

Earlier this year, I bought and listened to a lot of early Moby – from his first releases in 1989 up to and including 1995’s Everything Is Wrong. The first Moby track I can ever remember hearing was Go (Woodtick Mix) from 1991. It seemed fairly ubiquitous judging by the many compilation albums I have from the era. The Woodtick remix added melodic elements from the Twin Peaks soundtrack to the rather average Original Version from the previous year, creating a true dance classic.

I’m not sure I was aware of any other music by Moby until his trio of euphoric singles from the 1995 album Everything Is Wrong:

  1. Feeling So Real
  2. Bring Back My Happiness
  3. Everytime You Touch Me

Everything Is Wrong never grabbed me, despite several revisits through the years. For every great dance track you get a terrible punk rock mess. I don’t think I listened to any Moby again until he hit the mainstream with Play in 1999 – I didn’t buy that album or anything since but going back to the beginning has revealed some decent early house/techno/rave tracks that are more in line with my own tastes.


‘Moby’ was released in 1992 and compiled some of his singles and b-sides. The UK version entitled ‘The Story So Far’ had a revised tracklist and is the best one to get (was peanuts on amazon marketplace). It includes the single Next is the E (renamed I Feel It – because, duh, that’s what she sings!), ravey tunes like Ah-Ah, Drop A Beat and Help Me To Believe, some ambient pieces such as Mercy, Stream and Slight Return as well as two of the best versions of Go – the Woodtick mix (see above) and the mellower Subliminal mix. The record breaking Thousand is also featured but personally I find it more of a novelty.

Spotify have the self titled version so you might wanna search for individual tracks or buy the cd.


Ambient followed in 1993, and whether on purpose or not I don’t know, but it’s kinda bland and forgettable background music for the most part. The opening track is the best and the rest is neither great nor terrible. Maybe put it on while you do something one night?

Ambient on Spotify

part 2 to follow


2 Comments Add yours

  1. acidbearboy says:

    I thought of 2 other tracks I knew before Everything is Wrong. Both hard edged rave tracks from compilations of the time. UHF by UHF (actually by moby, natch) and the Rainforest mix of Go.


  2. stevenger says:

    Go is def the go-to (ahem!) track of this era. Every Time You Touch Me is the one I remember getting saturation play. I have more to say about Moby (not here).


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