Early Moby part 2


The title track from Moby’s 1993 Move EP is a commercial dance-pop song with uplifting piano melodies and female vocals declaring “you make me feel, so good, so good”. It’s ok, but the least interesting track on this 6 track US CD single. The MV version of All I Need Is To Be Loved is miles apart from the punk version on Everything is Wrong album. Here we have a nagging acid riff over a techno beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a WipEout soundtrack! The hypnotic feel continues with Morning Dove’s tribal rhythms, chanting and arabic instrumentation. Track four is the Disco Threat remix of Move. Moby raises the BPM from 132 to 151 and pumps up everything else along with it – definitely the best version of the song. Tracks five and six are only on the US version but are definitely worth tracking down. Unloved Symphony is an intense Jungle/Ambient hybrid. The synths in the breakdown sound very much like those used on The Prodigy’s classic Out of Space. Finally we have the beautiful ambient piece The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders.

Youtube vids as it’s not on Spotify!



Everything is Wrong on Spotify

Just because I said I never got on with this album, doesn’t mean there aren’t some great tracks on there. I mentioned the big 3 singles in part 1 – so let’s talk about the others. Hymn is a nice ambient track to start things off. First Cool Hive and Into The Blue are both mellow downtempo grooves. The album closes with three beatless pieces. The title track is a short piano and strings number, followed by the stirring God Moving Over The Face Of The Water and finishing with the cheery When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die. Listening now it’s maybe a bit Titanic-esque!

There’s also a remix album (mixed by Evil Ninja Moby) but I couldn’t really recommend it.

Just one more track to post – Moby’s mental remix of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Starting with the guitar solo drenched in reverb, then dropping into early Prodigy style breakbeat territory. When the verse eventually appears, it’s accompanied by a dub bassline. I’d imigine this would totally rock a party of drunken old men (the likes of which I associate with).


3 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Nice write up. Heading straight to the one you compared to Out Of Space. I’m nothing if not predictable.


    1. acidbearboy says:

      I just remembered the MJ remix. Added to end of post.


  2. Da22 says:

    Skip to the end, Michael Jackson awesome remix 🤣👍


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