Games Roundup July 2017

Games I thought about playing:

Resident Evil HD remaster

Wipeout HD Fury

Phantasy Star Online

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Games I actually played:

Tetris – few quick games on the original gameboy.

Super Mario 3D World – an hour or two collecting green stars on all the levels to unlock the last stages for my daughter.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night – about six hours on the Japanese version, which was less troublesome than I thought. Needed some help translated the shop menu, everything else was fairly self explanatory.

Super Castlevania IV – played the first few levels testing the wii emulation.

Super Mario All-Stars (Mario 1) – see above.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn – just helping my daughter with a few tricky/frustrating sections.


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  1. stevenger says:

    The best part about this is the thought about/actually dichotomy. That’s us all!


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Well I started the post earlier in the month, when the played games list was considerably shorter. Then I started playing symphony of the night and took the opportunity of an empty house one afternoon to spend time modding my Wii for emulation, which entailed more game playing! The post was supposed to illustrate that I think about more games than I play – maybe next time!

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  2. Da22 says:

    I look at my library and get disillusioned by the time they require so I generally end up on peggle or other quick games, geometry wars etc.

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    1. stevenger says:

      I do something very similar except I look at my library and I’m like… “Stuck on that, stuck on that, forgotten how to play that, not starting that from scratch, stuck on that…” before playing something arcadier (Arcadia?) 😀


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