The In-Kim-Playte Eight

Pivot announcement! We’re going full Tales From The Darkside and are all about lists at VGR now. As soon as I can buy the URL we’re migrating wholesale (don’t tell the others though, don’t think they’d be up for it!)

A simple sampler of the sort of superior stuff set soon to surface [As Beauty].

FAMOUS KIMS (final):

Kim Family Robinson

Famous minimalist Marster of the palette (c.f. Three Colours Red, Three Planets Blue, Three Colonists White) and the palate (it’s amazing what he can do with the yeast and rice and salt).

Kim Numan

Famous multi-talented Horrorist, having spent the ’80s singing about the human sacrifice practiced by In-cas, the ’90s under the pseudonym Jake From Yeovil composing disturbing signage for the GAME in Worksop and the millennium onwards pranking people by getting them to shut their eyes and pretending to be Mark Gatiss.

Kim-is Araightwonen

Famous former racecar driver from Formula Once. Leave him alone Britney, he knows what he’s doing!

Kim Jong Ulp!

Famous timid interim leader of The Northernmost Korea, reigning briefly between The Other Kims. Murdered by a vile concoction of chickpeas, tahini and lemongrab applied directly to the ear during sleep. Known post-houmously as Kim Jong Urk!

Kim Just Ice

Famous YouTuber, recognised for encyclopaedic knowledge of games (notaro examples: Tig, Kinger, British Bull’s Dags) and refusal of both cocktail umbrellas or slices of citrus fruit in beverages.

Kimmy Schmidt

Famous robust fictional character played by Sam U.L. Johnson in the classic M. Sir Shyamalan film “They Call Me Mr Glass!”

Melon Kim

Famous yes, but never gonna be respectable.

Dockyard Kimpling

Famous fanfic author of “Time Lord Kim” [Rated R for AU:E-space, TW:A-dric], “LucK9 Kim” [Rated H for Ecchi, Harem and Horns of Nimons] and “Dart of Harkness” [Rated M for Movellans, Monoids, Mike Yates, Magister, MPreg].

They only want you when you’re Sevateem, when you’re Gallifreyan you’re no fun!



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