Mappa Midnighty

A friend showed me his completed n-thousand piece jigsaw map of Westeross, Middle Earthe, The Enchanted Forest, Lordrun, Oblivionyx, Skyrime, Super Mario’s World, Zeldadale or whatever other imaginary fantasy land and it was admittedly pretty cool.

What it was not is real. Real like Midnight is. I’ve been to Midnight many times. Late 80s/early 90s. In 3D.



The former is more artistic and as a semi-veteran of the game definitely geographically recognisable. The latter is the map given free with CRASH when they put Lords Of Midnight on the covertape, which was how I discovered the game (late) and a definite boon, one which made up for the lack of the 48K rubber-key cardboard keyboard overlay explaining the buttons which the original release had. Both were downloaded from the incomparable World Of Spectrum (grateful hat tip!)


Searching for info and links for this quickpost I literally just found out that the amazing Mike Singleton who wrote the game died in 2012 (my paltry excuse is that I had a lot going on that year). There’s a heartfelt obituary for him and his works at The Guardian. It makes an utterly-deserved comparison/equivalence to Elite as an open world game well before the term was coined.

He thinks again….

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