Silly little thing I noticed watching the weather on the BBC News channel earlier. Quality is atrocious because I had to fiddle with my settings and take a quick snap (here’s some old footage). The similarity is maybe more in my head than otherwise, but the black and grey diagonals/zig-zags put me in mind of…

WIBIL? The sky! 

I love the sky. The sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds. Sunrise, sunset. Aeroplane trails across a fathomless blue.  The fact that your average camera can’t capture its beauty just bolsters my fascination of it. Here’s tonight’s sunset in low resolution.    

Wild China

Just wanted to recommend this BBC documentary that is currently being shown on BBC Four and also available iPlayer. It’s fairly old (originally aired in 2008) but the scenery and the wildlife on display are captivating, helped by a wonderful musical score and good narration by Bernard Hill. China is such a vast and beautiful…

The Art of Romain Trystram

Not gaming-related art, yet with a recognisable over-heightened ’80s neon aesthetic, do check out the art of Romain Trystram. City on the edge of forever    

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

So I barely remember Sigue Sigue Sputnik save the name mid-charts when I was small. Their music videos however are excellent examples of mid-’80s futurism, combining Blade Runner visuals with their proto-Visual Kei New Romantic excess. Check out Love Missile F1-11 and 21st Century Boy below. There goes my love rocket red.

Who Is Techno Cop?

Techno Cop is a 1988 game for 8/16-bit home computers published by erstwhile industry stalwarts Gremlin Graphics, which was also ported to MegaDrive in 1990. This isn’t a review, but here’s a quick bit of context. The game obviously seeks to riff on RoboCop (you’ve heard of him, right?). Gameplay is an interesting 50/50 combination…

Island Sunrise 1988

The music in my previous post about The System reminded me of this little known gem from 1988 – a beautiful ambient instrumental track by a group called Software. This video features some vintage 80s CGI known as “Carla’s Island”, created by Nelson Max in 1981.

What Is Best In Life #20: ZX Moire

Per Wikipedia, moiré fringes are the complex patterns that manifest as a result of interference between overlaid transparent images. Provided you don’t count people on TV with dodgy stripey shirts or ties then I first encountered them as attractive features on naive loading screens for early (1982-83) Spectrum games. Sometimes drawn by the BASIC loader….

Easy As 1-2-3

Every Christmas this ABC-rhyme biscuit/sewing(?) tin containing our Nativity Set comes out from the cupboard under the stairs. The tin goes way back through a couple of families and I am but its custodian, not its owner. I thought I’d share it with you because… well, just look at it! Fair warning up front, G…

ZX81 Manual Cover Art

Here’s the glorious sci-fi cover art for the ZX81 manual minus its usual contrasting red text. Not sure of the original provenance, but was pretty chuffed to happen across it at such a decent resolution online. And just for lagniappe have pics of the French-language cover along with the English original: RUBOUT rubs out the…