The Art of Romain Trystram

Not gaming-related art, yet with a recognisable over-heightened ’80s neon aesthetic, do check out the art of Romain Trystram. City on the edge of forever     Advertisements

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

So I barely remember Sigue Sigue Sputnik save the name mid-charts when I was small. Their music videos however are excellent examples of mid-’80s futurism, combining Blade Runner visuals with their proto-Visual Kei New Romantic excess. Check out Love Missile F1-11 and 21st Century Boy below. There goes my love rocket red.

Who Is Techno Cop?

Techno Cop is a 1988 game for 8/16-bit home computers published by erstwhile industry stalwarts Gremlin Graphics, which was also ported to MegaDrive in 1990. This isn’t a review, but here’s a quick bit of context. The game obviously seeks to riff on RoboCop (you’ve heard of him, right?). Gameplay is an interesting 50/50 combination…

Island Sunrise 1988

The music in my previous post about The System reminded me of this little known gem from 1988 – a beautiful ambient instrumental track by a group called Software. This video features some vintage 80s CGI known as “Carla’s Island”, created by Nelson Max in 1981.

What Is Best In Life #20: ZX Moire

Per Wikipedia, moiré fringes are the complex patterns that manifest as a result of interference between overlaid transparent images. Provided you don’t count people on TV with dodgy stripey shirts or ties then I first encountered them as attractive features on naive loading screens for early (1982-83) Spectrum games. Sometimes drawn by the BASIC loader….

Easy As 1-2-3

Every Christmas this ABC-rhyme biscuit/sewing(?) tin containing our Nativity Set comes out from the cupboard under the stairs. The tin goes way back through a couple of families and I am but its custodian, not its owner. I thought I’d share it with you because… well, just look at it! Fair warning up front, G…

ZX81 Manual Cover Art

Here’s the glorious sci-fi cover art for the ZX81 manual minus its usual contrasting red text. Not sure of the original provenance, but was pretty chuffed to happen across it at such a decent resolution online. And just for lagniappe have pics of the French-language cover along with the English original: RUBOUT rubs out the…

SDTOTD #9: So Mega

Noticed this while watching the news. SUPREME COURT OMEGA SUPREME Guess he transforms into a court building too, ha! To catch a T/F

St. Dragon SCREEN$

I’d forgotten how good the St. Dragon loading screen looked on the Speccy. For the uninitiated, St. Dragon was a side-scrolling space shooter which pitted your invulnerable-tailed robot dragon against various giant mechanical animals such as pumas, bulls and, er, whatever comes after the first level. Here’s the loading screen (click if it looks weirdly…