Easy As 1-2-3

Every Christmas this ABC-rhyme biscuit/sewing(?) tin containing our Nativity Set comes out from the cupboard under the stairs. The tin goes way back through a couple of families and I am but its custodian, not its owner. I thought I’d share it with you because… well, just look at it! Fair warning up front, G…

ZX81 Manual Cover Art

Here’s the glorious sci-fi cover art for the ZX81 manual minus its usual contrasting red text. Not sure of the original provenance, but was pretty chuffed to happen across it at such a decent resolution online. And just for lagniappe have pics of the French-language cover along with the English original: RUBOUT rubs out the…

SDTOTD #9: So Mega

Noticed this while watching the news. SUPREME COURT OMEGA SUPREME Guess he transforms into a court building too, ha! To catch a T/F

St. Dragon SCREEN$

I’d forgotten how good the St. Dragon loading screen looked on the Speccy. For the uninitiated, St. Dragon was a side-scrolling space shooter which pitted your invulnerable-tailed robot dragon against various giant mechanical animals such as pumas, bulls and, er, whatever comes after the first level. Here’s the loading screen (click if it looks weirdly…

Cestello Annunciation – Botticelli

So I’m not an art person, but I know what cliches I like, doh-ho-ho! A year or two ago I happened across this image online by Botticelli, someone who I was vaguely aware of by name (thanks University Challenge!) but hadn’t even connected to The Birth Of Venus. Close your eyes and think of Venus….

A Saucer Of Beauty

Art or science? Either way, Milk + Paint + Washing Up Liquid + Oil = Beautiful, hypnotic imagery (courtesy of Macro Room).

Quark, Strangeness And Charm – Hawkwind

OK, so ever since my awesome punning SDTOTD (though I say it myself) I’ve have the dregs of this song kicking around the back of my mind and the last couple of days I feel proper earwormed. If you’re at all like me you know two (2) Hawkwind songs, “Silver Machine” and “Motorhead“. I’m talking…


I’ve skimmed through this remix of the Akira soundtrack by electronic producer Bwana and first impressions are that maybe the concept was better than the execution, but it has reviewed well, the videos are cool (using imagery from the manga rather than the movie) and at least a couple of the tracks are worth a listen….